Victoria Jean Photo Art

Victoria grew up in Northern Wisconsin, where she began her photography in an old-fashioned dark room. She is currently based in Northcentral Florida where she continues to expand her photographic skills. She is a certified FAA Drone Pilot, avid SCUBA diver and novice astrophotographer and has a love of photographing and learning about everything from the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of our universe- quite literally. She turns that fascination into works of art in an effort to share her experiences with the world.

Through her stunning photographs, you can get a brief glimpse into the things that fire her imagination and inspire the artwork she creates.

With an eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Victoria's photographs evoke emotions, spark curiosity, and inspire a deep appreciation for the natural world. Whether it's a serene sunset over the ocean or a mesmerizing starry night, her images transport us to moments of pure wonder and tranquility.

Follow Victoria's incredible photographic journey as she continues to explore and capture the beauty that surrounds us, both on Earth and in the cosmos. Join her on this visual adventure and let her images ignite your imagination and love for our own extraordinary planet and throughout the vastness of space.

Keep up with her on her BLOG where she shares the detail behind her favorite recent experiences.

For professional reference, please see her resume: Victoria Jean's Resume