Victoria Jean Photo Art is creative and unique lifestyle photography. As the owner and solo photographer, I take great pride working to capture your unique style and precious moments in each session. I believe photographs are not just a means to freeze moments in time and tell your stories, but also pieces of art you will enjoy for years to come.

What moves me most is the human element. I want my art to be about the subject, not the photographer.
For me to capture the true depth of their personality, to not just see but feel the very crux of their emotions at that particular time- that is what excites me. That's my aspiration.

My style?
I would say that my style is evolving. I don’t want to limit myself.  Each photo,even in the same event, can evoke its own mood and feeling, and I let the whole experience guide me to the final outcome.
I will let my art speak for itself and you can decide if the story is going to pull you in.

I want to create. I want you to experience.

Fine Art Prints, Senior, Engagement, Wedding, Maternity and Baby, Family, Pets, Glamour, Pin Up, Auto... whatever your needs, invest in Victoria Jean Photo Art for a stellar service!

Thank you for visiting, in that you are giving me encouragement and support!





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